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Trinity Presbyterian Church exists to: bring unbelieving people to Jesus Christ, encourage them to develop towards Christ like maturity, and equip them for ministry in the church and mission in the world.

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Our History

  • Origins

    The origins of the church go back to the early years of the nineteenth century when a group of like-minded worshippers began to meet at the Rodden Foot in a former malt kiln rented from the Earl of Antrim; after a few years his lordship allowed the premises to be used for worship rent free.

    Those worshipping in the malt kiln were Seceders, a movement which had its origins in a dispute, years before, in the church in Scotland. The Seceders were renowned for their determination to maintain traditional standards of faith and worship.

  • First Ministers

    The first recorded full-time minister of the church was Rev. Robert Loughead whose ministry was not without its "ups and downs" and he was succeeded by Rev. John Rentoul, a surname writ large in the annals of Presbyterianism. Many men with the name Rentoul were to serve the Church in Ireland, Scotland and as far away as Australia.

  • Rev. Armour

    The present church building dates from 1885 and was erected during the ministry of Rev. James Brown (J.B.) Armour, so there are those who would still refer to it as Armour’s Meeting House.

    An interesting feature of the new church building was having the pews constructed with a slight curve and this, allied to the fact that the floor sloped slightly towards the front, gave everyone a good view and gave a more intimate atmosphere. These internal features were regarded as a reflection of Mrs Armour’s North American tastes.

    Another interesting aspect of the building was that it was built with a spire. This was later held against Rev. Armour who some regarded as a man with radical, indeed dangerous views, because it was his idea that the new church should have the spire. J.B. was minister from 1868 until 1925 and those years were marked by Armour’s deep involvement in the field of politics.

    A strong supporter of Gladstone’s Liberal Party, an enthusiast for Tenant Right ( a movement dedicated to supporting tenant farmers against oppressive landlords ) and, in an era when most Presbyterians were strongly against Nationalist Ireland’s demand for Home Rule, Armour swam against the tide. It would be fair to state that his parishioners never liked Armour’s involvement in politics, and especially did not appreciate his support of the Home Rule crusade, but they never lost their deep respect for him.

  • Rev Waddell

    Armour was followed by Rev. Henry C. Waddell, the son of a Presbyterian minister, and a man with a very different style of ministry. He was a man of deep humility and reverence and a gifted preacher dedicated to explaining the Word of God but without the bluster of the demagogue.

    In the wider Presbyterian Church Dr. Waddell was Editor of the Presbyterian Herald for a number of years. On Dr. Waddell’s retirement in 1955 he was to be succeeded by Rev. J E Mc Crea who served the congregation for eight years before moving to Belfast and eventually to the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

  • Rev Poots

    Rev. Dr. Derek Poots was minister of Trinity from 1964 until 1990 when he moved to Church House as Deputy Clerk of the General Assembly.

    In 1970, while Dr. Poots was minister, the Manse, which dated back to the time of Rev. Rentoul, was demolished and replaced with a modern building.

    A detailed history of the congregation entitled ‘Armour’s Meeting House’ was published in 1985.

  • Rev Dr Ian McNie

    Rev Dr Ian McNie was installed as minister of Trinity in 1991 and served the congregation until his retirement in 2016. Dr McNie’s ministry was marked with his zeal for the gospel and during his ministry a close link was established with Church of Central Africa Presbyterian in Mzuzu, Malawi.

    In 2003, a significant extension and refurbishment of the halls was completed to equip the congregation with new modern facilities.

    In 2015 Dr McNie was elected as Moderator of the General Assembly.

Our Missionaries

  • Rev John McConaghie

    John & Heather both grew up in Trinity and following a period as family worker in Trinity, John is now the minister of Conlig Presbyterian Church, Co Down.

  • Rev Stephen McNie

    After growing up in Trinity and being heavily involved in our congregation Stephen was called into the ministry and is now minister of Ballyalbany and Glennan Presbyterian Churches in Co Monaghan.

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  • Rev David Steele

    David grew up in Trinity and spent a number of years in Mzuzu, Malawi as a PCI missionary before being called as Minister to Dundrod Presbyterian Church, Co Antrim.

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  • Aaron Dunlop

    Aaron was heavily involved in youth work in Trinity and following some time working in Friendship House, Belfast he is now working as a Full time youth worker in Ballysally Presbyterian Church, Coleraine.

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  • William Workman

    Originally from Ballymoney and a member of Trinity, William has been working with PCI (formerly known as Irish Mission) in Athy, Co Kildare since 1989. Working along with the local Presbyterian churches, William seeks to reach out in the community through various ministries such as kids and youth activities, missions, Christianity Explored courses, door to door and market stall outreach.

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  • Andrew & Janice Quinn

    Andrew grew up in Trinity and while working in Belfast lived in Ballymoney and was particularly involved in the Bible Class and other outreaches in the town. After hearing God’s call to Bible College in Edinburgh, Andrew and Janice, along with their four kids, are now working with the Faith Mission in Edinburgh. This is a varied work, reaching out to all ages with the Good News of Jesus.

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